The Story Behind the Shot: Amazon Jungle

Posted on December 2, 2014

In my travels I have come across some odd looking animals. The jungles of this vast planet provide some of the craziest I’ve seen.

unicorn cricket

The first tropical jungle I ventured into was the Amazon. One hell of a way to be introduced to jungles! I was staying in a town high in the mountains above the forest floor. To descend into the Amazon we started the day on mountain bikes and then after lunch transferred to white water rafting. When we finished our decent by river there were vans waiting to take us on the last bit of the journey to the huts I’d be calling home the next few days. The majority of people were leaving the next day while I spent a couple more days roaming around with my guide.

green devilstick

On my last full day, a Danish couple was arriving via the same adventure travel route I had taken. When they arrived there was nothing they desired more than sleep. Just before they went to bed a huge downpour came rumbling through. After it had subsided my guide and I went out by ourselves for about two hours just flipping over leaves seeing what kind of odd things we could find. In that brief period of time we found over sixty different types of walking sticks and crickets-let alone all of the spiders, beetles and other random things.

The cricket pictured above was probably one of my favorites. The fact this insect has evolved to look like a rotting leaf with algae growing on it still blows my mind!


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