Private Photography Lessons

Brian Leary Teaching Private Photography Lesson

Custom Photography Classes

Over the years I have shot a variety of photography professionally. With my unique teaching style and diverse background, let me make you a better photographer.
These days I spend most of my time shooting landscape, wildlife and travel for subject matter. I spent more than a decade behind the counter selling cameras at some of the premier camera stores in the country. This means I have knowledge of almost every camera and menu during the evolution of digital.

When I cut my teeth in the industry, like a lot of people, I photographed weddings and events for a few years. I have photographed real estate for both private realtors and large development companies. I have shot product photography for everything from medical supply and furniture companies to glass blowers.

I have a proven, easy method in Adobe Lightroom for both workflow and editing that can get you on your feet!

Topics for Private Teaching:

  • • Your specific camera
  • • The basics of photography (what the heck is an aperture?)
  • • Travel photography and trip preparation
  • • Adobe Lightroom – workflow, catalog and library operation, editing
  • • Studio photography (both product and people)
  • • On-location education specific to your field (real estate, construction, interior design, landscape)
  • • Portfolio reviews and critiques
  • • ND usage in landscape photography
  • • Night Photography

If you click here it will bring you to the contact page. Let me know what you’d like to learn!