Lofoten in Winter
Norway’s Crown Jewel

Fjords, Fishing Villages and The Northern Lights

Mar 17-21, 2020

Steep fjords erupting from the clear green waters of the Norwegian Sea are the backdrop in the Lofoten Island Archipelago of Northern Norway - a bucket list destination for any landscape photographer. Small traditional fishing villages set below tall granite peaks fill the landscape with sleepy farmlands nestled among the inland valleys. Despite being north of the arctic circle the warm winds of the gulf stream keep winter temperatures mild. By visiting in March we have the best conditions to try and capture the northern lights still making the occasional nighttime appearance.

Workshop At A Glance


Creating Dynamic Images In The Field

  With ever-changing weather and a golden hour that stretches long into the daylight hours of March, no two days are alike in the Lofoten Island Archipelago in Northern Norway. We will spend our time winding between the fjords, exploring and photographing the fishing villages, lakes, farms, and beaches that make up the region. While exploring, we will be using neutral density and graduated neutral density filters to capture the shifting light of daytime. When the weather allows, we will head back out at night to hopefully capture the northern lights dancing over the already awe-inspiring landscapes.

Learn Behind Both The Camera And The Computer

Image creation doesn't end at the click of a shutter. When we are not out roaming the lands creating images, we will have both group and one on one sessions with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC™. During this time we will work on editing as well as how to best use Lightroom for YOUR needs. This workshop is made to not only help you get great images in one of the world's premier locations but to send you home with a better understanding of what makes a great image and how to capture what your mind's eye is seeing.


A Destination That Even Looks Good In Clouds And Rain

As with any workshop, you can't control the weather. I have traveled far and wide to find an arctic winter location that we can create dynamic images no matter what the weather throws at us. Obviously, we all hope for blue skies dotted with puffy clouds by day and colorful northern lights filling the skies at night, but even if Mother Nature (or Jord if we are sticking with the Norwegian thing) doesn't cooperate, the dramatic fjords and picturesque scenes still offer great photographic fodder.


What's Included?

From the time you land in Norway until the time you depart, everything except for your food (lunch, dinner and alcohol) is included in your experience. The Famous Norwegian Breakfast is included in the price of the workshop along with your hotel room and all transportation once you arrive in Leknes, Norway. When you make your deposit I will advise you on the best ways to fly there with the least hassle and costs involved.


What's not included?


-Lunch, dinner and alcoholic beverages

-Transportation outside of the workshop period


If you have a non-photographic signifigant other, they are welcome to join us for an additional $500 over the double occupancy pricing. They are welcome to join us for our adventures or they can rent a car at one of the many local car rental facilities to explore the islands on their own.

Trip Cost:  $ 2,695

deposit of $ 500 required

This trip is limited to 6 people (0 spots left remaining). Stated price is for double occupancy. Add $300 for single occupancy supplement. Deposits are due by January 31, 2020, with the total amount due by February 14, 2020. To make a deposit, click the "Join This Workshop" button below, and I will email you instructions on how to make a payment. Make sure to include how many people will be joining. There is a minimum of 3 photographic participants for this trip. Don't wait with your deposit, these trips fill up quickly. After all of the positions are filled please visit the contact page and tell me you would like to be on the waitlist.