About Brian Leary

The art and development of photography has been an integral part of Brian Leary’s life since early childhood. Brian was initially exposed to photography while spending time with his father in a color darkroom in Syracuse, NY, and began developing his own photographic interests when he moved to the Pacific Northwest as an adult. He landed a job at a pro camera store where he became acquainted with the challenge of slide film.  Trying to make those little slides represent what was in his mind’s eye required filters to control the light entering the camera and he was hooked from that point on.  This turned into a long-term professional passion as Brian pursued his own unique style and talent for photography over the past twenty plus years in the industry.  Even today, he still uses the same methods with digital photography that he would have on film.
What sets Brian apart is not only his work as a photographer, but his passion to share his knowledge of the art form with others. Brian founded Light Source Journeys in 2013 (?) to bring the photography experience to other camera enthusiasts through private instruction and group workshops.  Brian has a unique talent for breaking down complex subjects and communicating techniques that not only makes sense but sticks in practice! His individualized tutoring workshop sessions address each photographer’s specific needs and pain points.  Brian focuses one-on-one attention so that his clients learn specific abilities to turn their photography aspirations into a reality.  He is the kind of instructor you want to work with: a teacher who loves watching people light up when they get a great shot; especially when it’s a shot they didn’t think they could capture.
When asked what has him hooked on photography, Brian says he loves the way that photography allows you to share the world through your eyes with the viewer. Not surprisingly, Brian has an insatiable wanderlust and has not only traveled extensively throughout more than 20 countries, but has also driven across more than two-thirds of the USA.  He has explored each of these destinations through the lens of his camera, with images often focusing on the natural world around him and the cultures and people inhabiting it.  Over the years Brian has had the opportunity to photograph everything from endangered rhinoceroses to the Dalai Lama’s 50th anniversary of his exile from Tibet.

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