Remote Photography 1 on 1’s

Help With Photography From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Learning at your own pace with a curriculum built around your interests and skill level is the quickest way. With a 1 on 1, we can start to address your specific needs or problems you encounter in photography to help you grow.

Popular Topics Include:

How It Works:

By using a traditional phone call, Facetime, Zoom or WhatsApp we can communicate like we are in the same room. If it is a Lightroom session, by using Google Chrome Remote Desktop I can see your computer screen and even operate your cursor from my computer. This allows me to see exactly what is going on in your specific Lightroom program. (you can download here Google Remote Desktop here:

Costs and Payments

Secure payment can be made before our session by Venmo or Square.

After you contact me I will email you a brief questionnaire that will give me a good idea of what you want to learn. From this, I will be able to give you an estimate of how long it will likely take to accomplish your goals and we can find some time that works into your schedule.

Remote 1 on 1’s are $100/hr (1hr min). Sessions can be booked for 1-8 hours at a time.

Contact Me Here To Schedule Your 1 0n 1