Crossing Paths

Posted on July 27, 2018

Crossing signs are one of those things that we see every day and often start to overlook. In my travels, over the years I have come across quite a variety of crossing signs that have caught my eye, so I started to catalog them. This is a collection of some of my favorites and also some of the variations that I’ve seen on similar signs.

Signs Of The Times

There are signs that are more common that seem to just blend into the background of everyday life. Signs like people crossing, whether on foot or bike or carrying school bags are more ubiquitous than stop signs. Warnings in the USA that a deer might jump out in front of your car are also a sign that pops up regularly for most.










Occasionally a sign will be tossed in front of you though that makes you take notice. This crossing sign spotted in Salta, Argentina is meant to warn you of children possibly in the road, but it almost looks like it’s more to warn you that you may have to jump out of the way of crazy drivers.

The blue one here in Leknes, Norway seems to be warning us that only Frank Sinatra and members of the Rat Pack are allowed to cross.






When it comes to animals, there are more than just deer and chickens that like to cross the road.





Sometimes the thing crossing the road is even more unexpected than an elephant or a guanaco (the deer like animal on left of 5 animal signs collage).

Most of the time the sign is there for your own safety. This park in Oregon had a string of owl attacks on humans. After Rachel Maddow jokingly said on her television show that they should have a sign made, they actually did. I am very happy they listened, just look at this masterpiece!

It’s not only the natural world that crosses the road from time to time, there might be man-made implements you should be warned of too.















Sometimes though the sign is just there to remind you to take a step back and that life shouldn’t be taken too seriously.


Translation “Inhale Exhale”


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