Monthly Photo Challenge

Monthly Photo Challenge


When I was just starting out in photography I looked at photo challenge sites all of the time. They were a place to see lots of photographs using varying techniques from carefully planned studio shots to luck of the draw nature photography and everything in between. By seeing so many different people’s interpretations of the current topic, I realized that there are limitless ways to express yourself through photography. I still didn’t have anything I would of called a personal style or signature look to my images. By seeing so many images and so many varying techniques to accomplish them, my horizons were bound to be expanded while my art form challenged and shaped. I am continually astounded at the creativity of people when it comes to trying to express their minds eye.

Because of this I have decided to start a monthly photo challenge. I hope this will get people out shooting more and also maybe push people to try something a little different than what they are used to. It is amazing how much your personal photography will grow and change by stepping out of your comfort zone.

Each month there will be a First, Second and Third place awarded.

August’s Theme:

Close – Up

and the winners are…


Pearl Mok

Untitled – Pearl Mok


… Do it like the do on the discovery channel – Jessica Sandiforth


Butterfly Kisses – Anita Eoff

There were some really good entries for August. Congratulations to the top three this month with your close up images!

September’s Topic:



It doesn’t matter if it has wheels, wings or just sole (get it); if it can take you from here to there it is fair game for September’s theme: Transportation




Monthly Challenge Guidelines

The rules are simple:

  1. Submissions must be taken during the month of the contest. Part of the reason for these challenges is to encourage you to get out and shoot more often!
  2. One submission per month per person so make sure it’s your favorite.
  3. Submissions must be a representation of the monthly topic. This could be a literal or figurative representation on the theme but the connection must be evident.
  4. Submissions must be no more than 5mb.
  5. Images must be made from a single exposure unless specifically noted in the challenge topic. No HDR images or multiple image layer blending. (multiple exposures created in camera are okay)
  6. Say a little something about your shot. This can be where your image was taken, what it is, how you created the image or even your exposure information if you feel it is relevant.
  7. If your photograph contains a nude figure, it must presented in an artistic manner and must not be easily construed as pornographic. If the model appears to be under 25 years of age a valid photo ID must be submitted with the image.

Any questions feel free to contact me here.


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