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A Coffee By Any Other Name…

Posted on March 7, 2016

As a resident of the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and namely Seattle, it is mandatory to keep a blood/coffee level over .08%. For my chosen career path I end up on the road quite often, and when traveling the highways and byways of this vast country it never ceases to amaze me how culturally different we are from one corner to another. When it comes to something like coffee, a beverage that is loved, shared and coveted all over the world, this is no less the case.

My normal morning brew is a 12oz drip coffee with a shot of espresso poured in it. Add a couple raw sugars and some cream and you have a happy traveler! Where I live if you take out my additives this drink is known as a Shot in the Dark. Seems logical to me and still like an appealing beverage. As you venture more towards my original homeland in the eastern part of this country my drink starts to become a Red Eye. This name I find is also shared with the majority of California. Now, this is still a logical name since I’m sure the majority of people that get this are pretty tired to want that much caffeine, but we are starting to get away from the delicious sounding end of things.

I just returned from my first trip to Alaska trying to figure out some logistics for an upcoming Northern Lights workshop (probably winter 2018, but now I’m thinking more of Norway for this trip instead). When ordering my beloved morning eye opener in Alaska with the two names I was familiar with I was met by blank expressions and questioning eyes. After describing the potent potable (that one is for you Alex Trebek!) I was told that in the Great White North it’s referred to as Sludge. Some times even known as Death Coffee. Pretty sure that first one might be an creation of the oil industry in Alaska and the second, well I guess those Alaskans might not be as manly as they thought if they can’t take a little shot of espresso in their coffee. As far as the feeling I had every morning ordering a cup of sludge, lets just say it certainly made me second think my choice morning beverage!

Now I am safely back in the world of Shots in the Dark for almost a week before I return to the west coasts land of Red Eyes. Whatever you call it I’m still knocking them back day by day. A few years ago though I did try to start the trend of calling them An Americano with Hair on It’s Chest. Needless to say that didn’t catch on!


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